Flexible Duct Supports

Fensell Fabrications have been producing Flexible Duct Supports for nearly 10 years and in that time the format and style have little changed, but the materials have. As all our products are produced in our own workshops, you are able to specify exactly what you require, with specials at little extra costs or lead times, increasing the flexibility even further.

Flexible duct supports, are exactly what the name suggests – flexible. The only specification you need to know is the thickness of insulation required, and are duct supports will do the rest. All our strips are made in 1m lengths and can easily be joined together so they may be wrapped around any size of duct you may be using. This has the advantage over solid rings in that you do not have wastage, nor will you have delays because you have not ordered the correct number for the diameter rings for the ducts being used.

Flexible Duct Support
Flexible Duct Support

All our supports are made from 60 kg/m³ density Phenolic Foam which is CFC & HCFC free and meets Class “O”,”1”&”P” Fire regulations, as well as many other advantageous characteristics.

Offered in the 3 popular thicknesses of 25mm, 38mm and 50mm, and in widths of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

We can also offer all the above manufactured in light weight hardwoods, which is all from sustainable sources

Over many years of experience we have found the 60kgm3 Phenolic foam to be the most popular, but in some instances where the ducts are very large or unusually heavy, foam with a higher strength is required. This can be easily achieved using 80 kg/m³ or 120 kg/m³ Phenolic. These two alternatives look and are used in exactly the same way but can withstand far higher duct weights. We can offer these foams in all the sizes we manufacture, although there is a slight time delay and extra cost.

For application where there is a constant working temperature in excess of +120°C, we again can offer all our sizes made using Calcium Silicate. This material is extremely robust, offering very high resistance to crushing and can withstand temperatures up to +500°C

Please refer to the specification sheet for material details.